Fuji X-Pro2

This is my favourite camera. I have the following lenses a 10-24mm wide angle zoom lens, a 23mm F/2 a 50mm F/2 a 75mm F/2.4 by Handlevision and the 55-210mm zoom. This is a 24mp camera with an APS-C sensor. This is a large sensor, it is not the biggest on the market but it is perfectly adequate to be considered a "Pro" camera.

The camera is built like a tank at supports 4K video.

GoPro Hero 8 Black

This is the GoPro Hero 8 Black. It is designed to give very steady video in HD or 4K. So far I have not managed to produce any usable footage with this device. The batteries seem to discharge if left in the camera so it is always flat when I need to use it. In addition the battery life seems very short.

I have invested in clamps and sticks and I will persevere with it as other seem to manage. I find the touch screen one of the most difficult to use of any camera I have ever touched.

Sony RX100 MK1

This was and still is the most amazing camera. It is about 10 years old and they are still selling them new today. In V1 through to V6. The V1 has a 20mp camera with a 28-100mm lens. It is super small but battery life can be an issue.

What can't be faulted is the quality of the images and the pocket-ability of it. This is my second most used camera. My only problem with this camera is that 28mm is not wide enough for me.

The newer versions add a viewfinder and a tilt-able back screen. Whilst I would like the viewfinder (The rear screen is difficult to read in bright conditions for example when skiing) I have no interest in a back screen that tilts. Tilting back screens make the camera more bulky and are prone to breakages. However for bloggers I can see the attraction as you can look at the camera and frame your image.

Wish List


The Ronin-S is a stabilising camera holder. If you are serious about wanting to make high quality videos for friends or family to watch this is the device that will change everything.

Do not buy this in the UK the price is a rip off it costs more in pounds than United States Dollars. The UK distributor has no excuse for this pricing structure. It is still much more taking into account duty in VAT.

DJI Mini 2

This is now at the top of my list it weights under 250g which means that no licence is required in some areas. Better still it is the right sort of price. It has a flight time of 30 minutes which is more than enough and can fly at up to 4000m. The only concern is if it can fly fast enough to keep up with a boat against the wind.

Technically the camera is a 20mp which can record 4k/30fps.

DJI Phanton 4 Pro V2

This is the best stabilised video drone available on the market. Again it is much cheaper in the USA than the UK for no particular reason. It has a flight time of 30 minutes which is more than enough and can fly at up to 6000 feet. It can also travel at 45mph which is important because if the wind pick up you need a drone with the capability to return to base against the wind.

Technically the camera is a 20mp which can record 4k/60fps.

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