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Poole and back again...

We left Bramley on the 25th October at lunch time. Fortunately the tide was west going in the afternoon and we made it to Yarmouth in short order. Arriving in such a confined space with a battle cruiser is something you want to do without an audience so it was nice to be arriving on a Thursday afternoon instead of a Saturday lunchtime. I am pleased to say that my docking technique was very boring and un eventful.

On Friday we had no option but to punch the tide but it was a challenging sail as we had wind on the nose for most of the way. We were given a wonderful berth by Poole Quay Yacht Haven at the very reasonable winter rates, the costs was about 60% of the price for staying in Yarmouth.

Saturday was spent touristing around Poole and we had a meal in a Pizza restaurant recommended by Geoffrey.

Sunday was the day of return and the forecast was ominous, the BBC was forecasting 40kts of wind, XC Weather 18kts and the met office couldn't make up their mind. Linda has to teach on the Monday so there was no question of staying over so we tentatively edged out of the harbour.

Poole harbour is very protected and it takes about 40 minutes from the quay tot he harbour entrance and a further 30 minutes to get out of the channel. Needless to say when we arrived at the end of the channel the wind was blowing 30kts and worse it was a complete reversal and the wind was now on our nose. If it has been the summer we probably would have toughed it out but after taking two waves over the bow that made it into the cockpit soaking the helmsman a decision was made in short order to return to Poole Quay.

Linda and Geoffrey too the train home leaving me to sail the boat back single handed. I set off slightly late and rode the tide back to the Solent. Unfortunately the chart plotter was telling me that I would not arrive until 4pm and with he tide strengthening against me and the wind in an impossible direction I have no option but to out the engine on. I hadn't twigged at this point that it might be dark as the clocks had only gone back at the weekend, it was only when Linda called that I realised it was me against God!

I called the Bosun at the Royal Southern to let him know my ETA and asked if he would take my lines when I come in which he readily agreed. I have not had the courage to try to dock the boat in a tidal river n my own yet.

The boys bought me a wind microphone for the camera and I forgot to fit it so I have turned down the volume as the wind noise is deafening. The video is not very interesting but I am just trying out the technology.



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