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We were very lucky, we were able to get a sub-let on the river Hamble close to the Royal Southern Yacht Club so yesterday Linda and I tentatively sailed the boat to the Hamble to her new berth. This all happened without incident and to much relief as a 55' boat with davits requires not only more space but some thinking ahead. Handling the boat is the same in principal but the shape of the hull is different and as a centre cock-pit boat my position in the helm is different and so when docking it is going to take some practice to know when to turn, I got it 100% on this occasion and there was some luck in it.

Jane arrived later in the evening and we eat on board. The plan was to go to Poole or Yarmouth set set of and there were good winds but from the wrong direction (no surprises) so we tacked up the Solent but it was the wrong weekend to go west the tides got the better of us and we decided to motor. Not knowing the boat when the engine refused to provide any power no matter how much throttle was applied I decided that the best course of action was to return to the Hamble. I called out Sea Start (never ever needed that with Diamond Blue) they were there in a flash and after an hour we discovered that the Racon leaver had been knocked to just after half way and that the engine was indeed starved of fuel. It was probably a bit ambitious to invite friends on board the first weekend of ownership and I should have just gone to Cowes.

The weekend was not wasted and I made an assessment of the equipment on board and ended with a list of over 50 jobs to do.

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